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Valletta retains its McD (and its dignity)

That most humble of cities, the city built by gentlemen, for gentlemen and Malta’s incumbent capital city has apparently been spared the disgrace of having its only McDonald’s outlet closed – a move which threatened its status as capital for reasons outlined elsewhere on this blog.

As someone who has the capital at heart, having been partly raised there, I welcome this “last minute development” (read: €€€), and suggest that the fast-food chain’s presence in the capital be reinforced, ideally by one or more outlets.

Know of a possible location? Suggestions below.


I’m not sure Valletta should be our capital any longer…

Despite the Maltese government’s best efforts – think City Gate, re-paving and V2018 –it is now time the country faced up to a truth which has been staring it right in the face for the last 20 years – Valletta is no longer fit to be Malta’s capital.

The shrinking population, the non-existent nightlife and its inaccessibility by car during the day have all contributed to its slow death , but the final nail in our capital’s coffin is one that no superstar architect can ply out. McDonald’s – a real testament to a country’s economic success – will close its outlet in the capital after a lengthy legal battle with the landlord on Sunday. This, coupled with the conspicuous absence of that other certificate to a country’s success – Starbucks – means that football victories and all, Valletta is now doomed for relegation.

There is only one other capital with no McDonald’s – and that’s Reykjavik, in Iceland. Hands up anyone who’s ever been to Iceland – see, that’s what happens when your capital city does not have the golden arches somewhere other than in the collective imagination.

As a replacement, I’d suggest Sliema. People actually go there out of no sense of duty towards it, and, if the news report is to be believed, it will soon have the “largest McDonald’s and McCafe on the island”. That’s regeneration for you.