Goodbye, old friend

Fr Eric OverendToday, a man died. His name was Eric Overend, he was 47, he was a priest, and a good man.

He was a man who cared about what he did – his sermons, the church, the people he served, the environment, his family. His feet were stuck to the ground, his head not only looked up, but around him, too.

He knew how to laugh, and he knew how to make other people laugh.

I’ve known him since I was a child, and he was a true friend to our family.

He only went to hospital today.

I can’t believe I’m writing about him in the past tense.


  1. miriam mangion

    I know exactly how it feels to lose someone dear and close to you , but we have to trust the Lord because He knows what is best for us His Love for us is what keeps us going in times like these . Still I feel so sad to loose such a good priest and man may he rest in peace .

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