I’m not sure Valletta should be our capital any longer…

Despite the Maltese government’s best efforts – think City Gate, re-paving and V2018 –it is now time the country faced up to a truth which has been staring it right in the face for the last 20 years – Valletta is no longer fit to be Malta’s capital.

The shrinking population, the non-existent nightlife and its inaccessibility by car during the day have all contributed to its slow death , but the final nail in our capital’s coffin is one that no superstar architect can ply out. McDonald’s – a real testament to a country’s economic success – will close its outlet in the capital after a lengthy legal battle with the landlord on Sunday. This, coupled with the conspicuous absence of that other certificate to a country’s success – Starbucks – means that football victories and all, Valletta is now doomed for relegation.

There is only one other capital with no McDonald’s – and that’s Reykjavik, in Iceland. Hands up anyone who’s ever been to Iceland – see, that’s what happens when your capital city does not have the golden arches somewhere other than in the collective imagination.

As a replacement, I’d suggest Sliema. People actually go there out of no sense of duty towards it, and, if the news report is to be believed, it will soon have the “largest McDonald’s and McCafe on the island”. That’s regeneration for you.


  1. Ann

    With all due respect to Sliema people, there aren’t cultural places in Sliema. How many people visit the area doesn’t make the area a capital of a country. If Sliema, why not Bugibba or Paceville? It is obvious that tourists visit the capital city when they come to Malta. Will you take them to McDonalds in Sliema? :-/

  2. u are not intellectual

    Are you fucking kidding me ? Sliema > Valletta ?

    Is McDonald’s what defines a capital city ? ..

    Sliema has been ruined to crap over the past 40 years, its evolution over this time has been poorly managed by authorities and it hence it is now an urban jungle with no form and no character.

    “Ejja nollu blokka flats sliema sea front ha nsiru milljunarji” attitude in the 80s has made this possible.

    Valletta is a cultural gem and one of the few “untouched” places on the island. It houses important buildings and is a tourist attraction but sadly no more Mcdonalds…


    Sliema – Ugly buildings on the front, fucked up side streets , not really a pedestrian haven….. nice promenade nice views (of valletta) . oh and mcdonalds

    Valletta – beautiful buildings everywhere, grid pattern street system, can be enjoyed by pedestrians, beautiful port , waterfront …. no macdonalds

    are you 12 and fat ?

  3. Marilyn

    To my opinion Sliema is not the best to be named as the Capital City of Malta. A Capital City should not be based on shopping outlets but on cultural aspects. Our history fathers choose this city and they gave it birth by huge old buildings full of art and baroque aspects and I’m surely enough if Sliema had to become the Capital City you would be more giving importance to the commerce rather than the history and art by killing their importance more since in Malta seems art has no value near other things to the citizens. I don’t see the point of what you see even interesting in Sliema which is a city which I personally don’t like, probably because i live in the suburbs. I do agree that companies which are Mcdonalized through the whole world make a country more involved into globilization, but honey seriously in this article you are saying I prefare shopping and commerce rather than the history and the artifacts our fathers have left for us to be proud of Malta.

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  5. I know I'm a Grammar Nazi :(

    1) Some people need to spot sarcasm when it’s staring them in the face.

    2) In my opinion not to my opinion

    3) Plural of gentleman is gentlemen.

    4) I agree that the buildings in Sliema are not pleasing to the eye… especially since the streets are all deprived from sun due to the height of these ‘towers’. Though at least there is a lot more to it. There are shops, beaches, nice parks (as in swings…), a nice place to go for a relaxed walk, nice view (yes, of our capital city) and mcdonalds, bking AAAAND McCafe 😛
    All Sliema needs now is to to be unsuccessfully bombed to make it a place that goes down in history.

    Jokes aside, gday.

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