Tut tut tut…

Dear Reader,

My sincerest apologies go to you, faithful disciple of debris ™, who has been deprived of my semi-regular mental meanderings.

About the books.

I read a book called Clowning in Rome; it’s very good, I should’ve mentioned it long ago but haven’t. Work has been getting to me, so I couldn’t really take time off and read.

I also happen to have acquired a motor scooter, which is making reading on the bus a tad impossible.

So at the moment I’m reading nineteen eighty-four, which is sounding incredibly naive and optimistic, in hindsight.

I have also made the move back to a Windows Xp machine after 4 sad months on a 17″ iMac loaded with OS X 10.4. If you ask me, Apple should’ve stuck to fruit.

Happy 1st of April!

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