The 100 Book Mission™: Book 4

Nausea; Jean Paul Sartre, Robert Baldick; Penguin 2000

My Christmas present. Nausea- a diary of a certain Monsieur Roquentin, who seems to realise that he exists, finds no point in it and tries to deal with it. My summary is overly simplistic, however, that’s the general spirit of the book. Ironically quite a good book, especially seeing it’s philosophy, which can lose the reader at quite an early stage.

I might read it again, in the distant future, unless I find it doesn’t appease the reason for our mutual existence, in that case it will languish on my bookshelf, which just has been augmented by a lovely 9 book box set which was bought at the princely sum of Lm 6 (€ 13.98).

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