The 100 Book Mission

This year, my real New Year’s Resolution is to finish reading 100 books. I already have a small list, and I would like you, dear readers, to contribute your ideas as to what I should be reading. This is the List so far:

  1. Freakonomics (Livett, Dubner)- done
  2. nineteen-eighty-four (Orwell)
  3. Nausea (Sartre)
  4. The Confessions (St. Augustine)
  5. The Fellowship of the Ring
  6. The Two Towers
  7. The Return of The King (J.R.R. Tolkien) – and no, I haven’t watched the films, either!
  8. The Book of Nothing
  9. A Short History Of Tractors in Ukranian
  10. The Kite Runner
  11. (La Divina Commedia) – not sure about this
  12. The Full Cupboard of Life
  13. Basic Statistics

And that’s where my list ends, and yours begins. Any suggestions would be considered, especially if recommended by a good review of yours… On my behalf I will try to write a short resume of the book just completed.

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