The 100 Book Mission™: Book 1

Book 1- Freakonomics; (Levitt, Dubner); Penguin 2005

The book first on my hundred strong list is called Freakonomics, and the basic gist of it is that a young, rogue (I always mistake this word as rouge) economist Steven D. Levitt, laden with a PhD, goes about using his techniques to investigate other matters such as why do people cheat, what do Sumo wrestlers and Schoolteachers have in common, the truth about your real estate agent and why crime and abortion legislation are correlated.

The authors are Steven D. Levitt (the Freakonomist) and Stephen J. Dubner (the journalist).
After the book’s success, they also set up a blog on

All in all, a good read, much along the lines of works such as Dude, Where’s my Country? and the like.

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