Of Bull™ and its relation to the environment

So, remember I had mentioned the thing on relatives and absolutes? (If you can’t remember, look down, it was on my last post).

Well, it was absolute, pure Bull™

That’s a fact.

It’s not a treatise- it’s just some words, but not random ones.

But while that may be Bull™, your relation to the Bull™ might be different from mine.

If you’re a bull (the variety God made), you might like your defecation, it may have relieved you of some undue pain, so your relationship to it is different from that of a cook, who will not want the smell of Bull™ in his kitchen, and rightly so.

If you’re a fan of natural odors, you’ll be enthralled, intrigued by Bull™’s smell, which, I hear, is an acquired taste many don’t bother to acquire.

But the fact is, that whatever relation you may have to it, it’s absolutely Bull™.

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