Of Mice, Men and Maintenance Grants

I do not mean to sound ungrateful to what Government is doing with the money my father gave it, however, the not-so-recent decision that people doing Science courses should get more money (Lm 370 yearly; 470 in the first one) via stipends and maintenance grants, could, and should, get people thinking.

First of all, one has to recognise a fact of life so clearly emphasized during a handful of SOK lectures- some people are of a scientific aptitude, others tend to be more artistic.

People who understand a washing machine manual; people who can read between the lines.

People who will dismantle a camera and rebuild it; people who will actually use it to the limits.

The issue is that, while our country is choc a bloc with a lot of brilliant and some mediocre engineers, doctors and programmers, it is also choc a bloc with charlatan designers, colourblind video editors, manglish writers and pseudopoliticians.

Although there is more career potential in the technical fields, would it be a mortal sin if people with creative leanings would be provided with a technical background to perfect their art, or at least, develop it?

No, all artists are provided is a Higher National Diploma, which takes a while to get, but in the end, counts less than a degree.

Back to the bone of contention, money, iWonderâ„¢ what these science students will be spending my father’s money on. Portable labs? Possibly. MP3 players and Nike, Converse or Adidas sneakers? More likely. Oh, and maybe some books.

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