Thank God It’s (still) Sunday

Anyone familiar with current affairs will have noticed that recently the Pope has been asked to apologise in person to the whole Islamic religion for a statement pronounced in an address/lecture at the Regensburg University, a request to which he obliged.

Now the question is- is Josef Ratzinger, a doctor of Theology, dumb enough to be saying that Islam is an evil religion explicitly?

The answer, thankfully to everyone, is no.

What Pope Ratzinger did was quote an episode and an argument, and continued his informed, intellectual speech based upon the argument; it wasn’t Catholics vs Islam, rather it was the context of rationality in theology. It wasn’t a mass rally with placards saying that Islam is evil, it was an address at a distinguished German university, which would be a setting cold enough to store ice cream in.

What is worrying however, is that these Islamic leaders did not bother to take the quote into context, while the rest of the world is forced to see all the unusual traits in Islam in context, starting with the veiled women on to the Jihad.

In Saudi Arabia, crosses aren’t allowed. In Malta, we even have a Mosque. If someone didn’t allow the erection of a church in SA, it would be a normal procedure; if someone in Malta criticizes, or, of all things, cartoonises, Islam he is labelled an infidel, politically incorrect etc.

I am not against Islam, although I must say it’s not really my cup of tea.

What I am against, however, is misinterpretation, and a paranoia that the world is against you.

Unless one is against the world, he should not think that vice versa is true.


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