Bull™ or Science?

Ever thought of a person and they phone? Or txt?

It has happened more than a couple of times, so much so that I actually thought about it.

Yes, it is A Big Deal. Or not.

My (underinformed) intellectual wanderings revolve around the thesis that the fields generated by communication devices, such as mobiles, could in some way affect or prepare the brain. What always puzzled me, however, was that I always thought of the person or the situation; but do microwaves carry that kind of information?

Anway, this note is because apparently now a scientist has taken this to the test, details of which can be found here.

Now I know some of you think this is pure bull™, but if you haven’t seen the bull defecating, you can’t say it is so. (Actually you can, and you can be right, but it’s still one hell of a statement.)

Not this time anyway, sometimes the smell is too bad not to call bull™ by its name.

Horses’ stinks as well though.

I know I’ll be having an important call from my crush in ten minutes, so I’d better go rehearse.

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