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Dear Reader,

You may not know this, but when I started this blog, it wasn’t meant to be a vomitorium for my raging anger towards society. Rather, it was meant to provide a glimpse of a better world and society, where consequently people do their job well and occasionally use their brains.

Which wasn’t the case at my last examination. During my Pure Maths exams, usually I am always provided with:

An index number on my table;
An exam booklet with some graph paper and lined paper,
A booklet of formulae.

So I turn up at 8:45, and surprise surprise…

She’s still placing the index numbers on the desks (stenna ftit ħi)
Exam booklet still needs to grow its graphs
No booklet of formulae.

You’d expect that these people, employed with our applications’ money, would not have any idea of pure Mathematics.

I mean, neither do we.

But one at least would expect that these people could at least know these three basic steps, so simple that even a well-behaved 6-year old could’ve done it.

Not to mention the bus driver taking me home on the same fateful morning. This guy didn’t even know where to go.

The customer is always right; only this time the service provider didn’t have an argument…


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