Auto Discipline™ (Patent Applied For)

Auto-Discipline™, in it’s various incarnations, could seem one of the most perverse, monstrous habits one could ever dream of taking up; going against what one knows one is feeling and what one knows one wants at the present instant and knowing there’s the Simpsons at 2 on ItaliaUno, and chucking all that out of the proverbial window.
It will then proceed to guide the perpetrator of this gruesome act (self discipline, if you weren’t following) onto a drab, bleak path which the subject had decided upon in a rare moment of enlightenment, where study and skill actually seemed a viable proposition.

The victim cum perpetrator, provided they are provided with enough talent, will then proceed to become a master at their art, profession, whatever, while the easy-going, laid back “artists” criticize the poor sod for being too perfect, too graceful etc.

Granted, they do see the bigger picture, but instead of trying to paint it, or at least trying to attempt a charcoal sketch, they keep taking notes, writing blogs, running a felt tip marker round the border until their arms are numb with pain, and they’ll want to rest, and stay there.

Should the lack of Auto-Discipline™ be tormenting your poor brain, fear not, Auto-Discipline™ is not always necessary, and you will be spared the cost. In fact, many successful people have gone far without it, one cannot fail but mention developers, some periti, politicians, staff at the UOM, refuse collectors, “musicians”, “”artists”” and a whole lot of other people who contribute to a place that is slowly becoming more like a disjointed collage of different opinions, tastes and moods, rather than a masterpiece, the fruit of a slow labour of love.

I shouldn’t have written this sentence, as it is perfectly redundant, useless and goes against every principle that Auto-Discipline™ dictates, however, it’s my blog, and I won’t have some stupid plug-in dictate what I should put in it. And I do know that basic typography would suggest I write in a colour that is different to the background, but you wouldn’t be chuckling quietly to yourself had it been otherwise, wise ass.

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