Maltese Blood

So, as promised, I will make amends to my previous blog.

So, to set the facts straight: Gibraltar is nice.

It has an amazing location,

lovely people (most of them of Maltese descent),


their droppings.

What’s wrong however, as per Malta, is:

The architecture:

Drop over to Spain and you’ll see why. Buildings there have character, even apartment blocks; in Gibraltar you get housing similar to government housing in Malta. That only applies for the newer buildings (50s onwards); but our Baroque buildings kick foreign butt, big time.

The new buildings aren’t bad at all, bar one thing; they’re being built right on the seafront, and apparently they won’t be occupied as they will be bought with foreign money.

Which means the poor Gibs will have their view obstructed by empty flats that they can’t afford.

And housing is EXPENSIVE.

Eventually the Rock will just succumb to the building and jackhammering, and just fall off, hollow as it is.

And well, gossip is as you’d expect, rampant.

Viva Malta!

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