Yesterday I heard that Hasting’s Gardens, fresh from a spending spree of 300 000 liri, was vandalized. I cannot help but admire the people who did that; the subtleness, the wit, the sarcasm they’ve shown is beyond anything my imagination could fathom.

Dearest Vandals,

Yes, the system may suck.

Down with the system! you may say. (You could also use coarser words, but this blog has it’s dignity, even though no one reads it…)

Stick it up to The Man!

But when the system and its Man give you somewhere where to sit and snog, you could at least say thank you. Or better still, shut up.

But no, you spray red paint all over something new.

And if you’re another disappointed contractor; find a job. The market for professional assholes is already saturated, with most people having one just as an excuse to be one themselves.

This takes me back to the rape of Mnajdra. And of Bieb il-Bombi. And that lovely pjazza the Zurrieq local council has kindly messed up. And the Wied Iz-Zurrieq Belvedere.

The Belvedere must be the contractor’s desk, with cash flowing in, courtesy of the taxpayer’s money. And you can’t see a damn thing but the pavement and the rails, unless you’re as tall as I am, and I know for a fact that many are not.

When will we learn?

Better still, when will we start dipping these people in acid and leaving them there?

Good night.


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